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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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so does taking one a day men's. go to to enter for a chance to meet me and watch the 2013 mlb all star game. day two of the jury deliberations is underway in the murder trial of drew peterson. good afternoon. i'm dina bair. and i'm tonya francisco, in for steve sanders. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live at the courthouse in joliet with our top story. we are now in the 11th hour of deliberations no verdict yet ... we just got word that the jury has have lunch delivered behind
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me is defense attorney joel brodsky addressing the media the family of kathleen savio earlier told us that they are nervous and wish her death was ruled a homicide back in 2004 ... >>if the panel had it right the first time we would've been done with this here we are eight years later suffering and greeting it's very nerve wracking and hard on the family ... the judge warned against reading into these jury requests from yesterday there was no comment this morning about deliberations from the prosecutor's office ... the jurors had asked for transcripts of hearsay testimony of the divorce attorney harry smith and the pastor for stacy peterson ... they talked about conversations with stacy peterson before she went
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missing and the blunt talk by drew peterson about kathleen savio is death before stacy peterson went missing ... were thinking maybe the jurors have given each other assignments to deal with both hearsay and the forensic evidence ... some of them were taking notes when the hearsay was being read back others were paying closer attention to the forensic scientists it's very difficult to read ... joel brodsky is addressing the media at this moment he said earlier that if this goes three or four days he believes it might be a hung jury there's no verdict at and no sign of what the jury is thinking they have not requested any thing and have no questions today drew peterson
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ran now is being held in a holding cell in the basement of the court house here during the deliberations we will bring you any late breaking developments us and as they happen the attorney who represented kevin fox... the man wrongfully convicted of murdering his daughter riley... believes the jury will deliver a guilty verdict in the drew peterson trial. i think when you look at the autopsy photographs they might get past the homeless are question quickly it's just a question of who had motive or intent and its creditors over whelming evidence of drew peterson desire to have a woman dead and make it look like an accident and it did look like an accident ... kathleen zellner points out there are a number of things wrong with the scene of the alleged crime, such as: there were no bath mats or towels... the bathroom lights were off...
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she also says peterson has no alibi. his only one would have been stacy peterson... and she's missing. a forensic pathologist testifies again this morning in the christopher vaughn murder trial and says he can't say for sure if vaughn killed his wife. vaughn is charged with shooting kimberly and their three kids in june 2007. his attorneys claim she shot him, then the children, and then committed suicide. doctor larry blum said he can't conclusively determine if her death was a suicide or homicide. blum also said she was taking two medications that have been known to cause thoughts of suicide. but, he said there were no indications she was depressed. president barack obama takes center stage tonight at the democratic national convention. last night former president bill clinton stole the stage ... praising mister obama for reforming healthcare and saving the auto industry. he also told the crowd the president has a better path forward for the next four years.
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if you want a winner take all on your own society use it you should support the republican ticket ... but if you want a country of share opportunities and responsibility-a we are a couple in this together society you ought to vote for barack obama and joe biden ...recent polls show president obama and mitt romney are in a dead heat. when president obama takes the podium and the convention tonight... he will be introduced by illinois senator dick durbin. wgn's frank holland is live in charlotte, north carolina with more on this prestigious honor for durbin. the theme for the campaign is forward ... but the democrats on looking back at the speech delivered by bill clinton last night and the president is looking back on a friend to do him a good favor in 2004 ...
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senator dick durbin was asked to introduce the speech ... he had introduced barack obama at his very first big political appearance that's when the whole political scene changed in america ... senator durban and other democrats are making the case for four more years >>america is moving in the right direction we're creating jobs businesses are expanding home prices are elevating and we must continue along these lines ... every debuted is exciting and this is no longer a debut the reasons for voting for this president are still there ... this college student says that the young voters are over the romance that they're looking hard at the president's rise in
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may of accomplishment ... resume of accomplishments ... the illinois house speaker mike madigan hopes that the momentum from bill clinton will be meaningful ... senator durban says he's just honored to introduce the president and try to win that one more race ... >>he has managed to achieve extraordinary things the secret service is investigating the reported theft of mitt romneys tax records from an accounting office in tennessee. and now --a group is threatening to release the files unless they are paid a million dollars. the accounting firm says there is no proof romneys records were stolen. meanwhile, romney has been keeping an eye on the events in
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charlotte. you hear no one standing up to say they're better off than there were four years ago were 16 trillion dollars in debt we went from the 10 trillion the president inherited to 16 trillion 47 million people are on food stamps when he came into office we had 32 million ... romney is currently in vermont preparing for his first debate against the president on october third. next: a child contracts the bubonic plague and survives. also ahead: investigators in eastern france struggle with explaining how a young child went undetected for hours in car with dead bodies. and it was a dramatic scene inside a bank in los angeles. how robbers forced a manager to rob her own bank.
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ot sfilodour
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a 4 year old girl is found alive 8 hours after her sister, parents and grandmother were murdered in france. authorities found the bodies in a car along a road in the alps. the family was in the country for vacation. the adults were all shot and the eight year-old sister was beaten. the four year-old was discovered hiding on the floor of the vehicle. a bike rider was also found shot at the scene.
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police are searching for two suspects who strapped a fake bomb to a bank employee ... and forced her to rob the bank. the bank manager... seen here walking with police in east los angeles... said the robbers grabbed her as she left home for work yesterday morning. they wrapped what they claimed was a bomb around her stomach. she was told to drive to the bank... and place a bag filled with money outside the back door where the robbers were waiting. the bomb squad removed the device from the woman and after detonating it... determined it was fake. police are still searching for the suspects. jury selection begins today- in the corruption trial of former detroit mayor, kwame kilpatrick. in september of 2008 kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony counts of obstruction of justice stemming from his efforts to cover up an extramarital affair. he served about one year in prison. this time, kilpatrick, his father and two others are accused of "shaking down" contractors who wanted business or favors from detroit city hall. government officials call it "the kilpatrick enterprise." all have pleaded not guilty. the american civil liberties union vows to continue
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challenging a controversial provision of the arizona immigration law.. upheld yesterday by a federal judge. the judge denied a request to block the "show me your papers" provision in the law. it allows local law enforcement to check on the immigration status of people they stop for other reasons. the judge ruled the court could not block the provision based on the possibility of racial profiling.. citing the u-s supreme court decision upholding that part of the law. the aclu says it will continue the challenge by documenting racial profiling in the state. health officials say at least 2500hundred people from 39 countries may have been exposed to the deadly hanta-virus at yosemite national park. hanta virus is a mouse-borne disease. people get the disease after coming into contact with waste or saliva of infected rodents. symptoms include: fever, muscle ache and diffficulty breathing. officials issued the warning is for anyone who stayed in yosemite national park tent cabins between june and august. last week, park officials shut
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the cabins down after finding that mice can burrow though holes in the walls. so far two men have died from the virus, and four others became ill. a little girl in colorado is recovering from a rare case of bubonic plaugue. the girl originally was admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms... and a fever of 107-degrees. doctors say the case was difficult to diagnose... because no doctor in colorado had seen a case of bubonic plague in 6 years. doctors believe the girl caught the disease while on a camping trip. the disease is associated with small rodents and their fleas. the plague is believed to have killed 25 million europeans during the middle ages... when it was known as the black death. just ahead: positives signs about the drought improving. and, still to come this midday: the announcment expected from amazon today about a their latest version of the kindle fire. and later in lunchbreak: three great recipes for people with food allergies, including a dairy-free pizza crust.
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i'm deborah kostroun live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: have the big monthly jobs report tomorrow we have reports is that fewer americans have applied for applications for unemployment that's good news for the job market in this second half of the year ... claims are falling to their lowest in several months ... that's fueling the fire on wall street there's a huge rally going this is after investors are getting more specifics coming from europe about how the economy will be managed with the debt crisis ... and drought conditions from iowa to ohio are expected to improve between now and the end of november that dry weather will
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persist from nebraska colorado and texas even with the remnants of hurricane isaac ... today is a big day for amazon there will hold an event likely to announce the newest version of the new kindle fire tablet and the new series of the readers ... they are competing with apple and microsoft and google ... but amazon's sold out ahead of this announcement of the kindle fire tablets last week ... and disney will open its first retail baby store animal in california today they are pushing hard to push the baby line of products and services they hope will grow into a powerful brand ... sales of infant and children's clothing is at $10 billion year market in
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the united states next: police in evanston say they've cracked a burglarly ring involving young boys. also ahead, the latest after a driver is shot and killed on the dan ryan and then crashes into several parked cars on the south side. and we're live in highland park where the mayor is criticizing the handling of case involving the death of a five a year old girl.
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one-a-day vitacraves for women. an 18 year old woman is charged with d.u.i in the death of a five year old girl. but the mayor of higland park is criticizing the way the case has been handled. wgn's julian crews is live in highland park with details. it surrounds the handling of the tragic accident monday where a five year-old was hit and killed by a car that jumped a sidewalk her mother and her siblings were injured in that tragedy witnesses say that the 18 year-old driver was seen wobbling around at the scene after emerging from alexis sports car the city manager of highland park says that based on
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the initial fax ... the teenager was released after considerable observation was made that she might of been impaired ... 18 year-old was charged monday with a misdemeanor d u i pending a toxicology report that was not made public it took two days before we found out about the charges city officials were frustrated with the slow pace of that investigation given what they say clear signs of impairment fishy is the daughter of prominent highland park directors of the community arts center she pleaded guilty to the possession of marijuana back in 2010 in a statement released last night the mayor of highland park directly criticized the late county state's attorney's office ... she thought it was a mistake to release that driver and an
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explanation as demanded ... the state's attorneys say they're obligated by law together allow evidence before pressing charges they are waiting for special toxicology reports to return community leaders have suggested that authorities have been giving preferential treatment to this 18 year-old ... there's no comment from the lake county state's attorney police are investigating a fatal shooting on the dan ryan last night. it happened shortly before midnight. authorities say 25 year-old larry porter was shot by another motorist while driving south on the expressway. porter's car then veered onto the 87th street exit ramp. it hit several parked cars and crashed into a business at a strip mall. two other men were in the car at the time of the shooting. one of the men suffered a graze wound, the other man was not injured. they were not able to give police a description of the shooter or the vehicle involved. police in evanston say they've cracked a burglary ring in which
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two teenaged boys forced younger children to steal for them. a 16 year-old boy from chicago and another 16 year-old, were arrested last month, after three boys, ages 8 to 10, were caught breaking into a car on clyde avenue. the younger boys told police, the two older boys approached them and threatened to beat them up unless they committed burglaries for the older boys. chicago teachers could go on strike as soon as next monday if negotiators can't reach agreement on a new contract. wgn's randi belisomo reports local churches are making plans to offer students a safe haven during the strike. pastors who gathered here this morning say that the cps and the seat t u officials should not be playing political games with the children they won't be taking sides they just have the children's interests at heart if the chicago teachers union doesn't resolve their issues with the district by sunday
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night the church will have places for the children to come ... the united front is necessary in conflicts they say to represent those who will be impacted most children who just began school tuesday and their parents who cannot afford any options for day care at church the children will participate in workshops and anti bullying anchor management and also some workshops in arts and crafts ... personalities and politics they believe should not him truedintrude demo our churches will be a safe haven >>we cannot afford to have another child on the street with nothing to do or be shot and
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added to statistics of those who were shot this summer we cannot afford to have an extended summer of killing and ruthless living ... >>here we are sending your children into a battlefield and they are not ready or prepared to be in this battle we as adults are supposed to cover it ... we're supposed to keep them safe ... the churches will serve breakfast and lunch being open from 830 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon the plainfield police chief has withdrawn a request to install locked gun safes in district 202's high schools. in a letter to the superintendent and board of education president, plainfield police chief john koponek... withdrew the proposal to allow police to install locked steel gun safes at the four high schools under his jurisdiction. while konopek still supports the proposal he says the district should focus on education. he also said that media attention surrounding the proposal may have compromised security measures.
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the midwest is under an air quality alert for dangerous levels of mold. the mold count today is 60 thousand... well over the 50 thousand threshold that signals a dangerous air quality warning. allergy sufferers may experience headaches and sinus pain as a result. and if that isnt bad enough: levels of weeds are high and grass and ragweed are in the moderate level. the high allergy counts are a result of sporadic rain, continuous heat and high humidity, as well as corn harvesting season. to prevent symptoms - rinse the nasal passages with saline solution, wash your hair before bed and stay indoors in the air conditioning. it's not all work at the dnc.. sometimes, they get to play too. earlier today, senator dick durbin had a brush with celebrity... he was pretty excited to share the story. it's time for a a new segment on the wgn midday news- called "unconventional meeting." i met the rapper fl-tridao-rida he
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was across the street and at the cnn both and i was checking out his shoes i asked him where i could get a pair of those ... he said christian louboutin on in miami i asked him if it cost me more than a see note and he said it was going to be really up there but if i get a pair of shoes like him i will not only carried illinois i can also lead the cubs to a world series victory! it's true what they say- it really is all about the shoes. no word on whether durbin and flo-rida are now facebook friends. still to come this midday .
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is it about time to break out the cool weather clothing? we are looking at the leading edge of some cooler air coming in for the weekend but if you do like the warm stuff be patient will jump back into the 80s again we will talk about that in a moment but for now it's a gorgeous day out there with lots of blue skies ... that will continue throughout the day but by tonight the clouds will increase the skies will be overcast but this time tomorrow we will see a passing shower or hear some under right now it's 82 degrees here in chicago we're looking at that cooler air to the north and the west that will be in developing chicago over the weekend saturday and sunday
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will be in the '70s and it will be dry the mib share work early saturday morning but it's the only chance ... it's in the low to mid '80s everywhere it's a very nice day expecting to continue ... the wind is not strong at 10 mi. per hour from the west and the late afternoon hours you will catch those winds off lake michigan and the temperatures along the lakefront will cool down ... here is the cold air watch what happens: saturday and sunday it will be filled ... we will see warmer temperatures next week but we will see these cooler air masses from time to time as we move
12:34 pm
through september ... the raiders satellite map has the leading edge of that cooler air producing clouds and showers as it moves through the dakotas and will be more numerous tomorrow with showers to the west ... st. mary's county in southern maryland is under flash flood warning ... that affects the nation's capital. it looks like mostly this will be in all day proposition across the southeastern states ... and tomorrow we will see rain and thunderstorms here ... there
12:35 pm
could be some substantial soaking from time to time ... there's an area out to the west with a red flag advisory for wild fire dangers ... but the southeast is under heat advisory temperatures could surpass 105 degrees today ... that's that unlike the beautiful weather we have here in chicago with the high temperatures in the upper seventies to low 80s across the area ... this afternoon were looking at bright sunshine a good-looking day with temperatures comfortable the high between 78-84 ... for the wind is coming off the lake later low temperatures in the morning will be in the mid '50s to the lower 60s later friday cloudy skies possibly storms 70-75
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degree temperatures with the wind shifting to the northwest and on saturday we should see clouds early in the day but by afternoon those clouds should be breaking making their way for sunshine we're still expecting a cool day and he will return we will talk about that in the seven day outlook and will take a look at those mold and pollen counts across the area which are dreadful. time now for today's trivia question: which mountain range forms a natural boundary between europe and asia? a. andes b. himalaya
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time for sports: alex rios was stuck in an 0 for 13 slump, and he picked the perfect time to break out of it. sox going for a series win over the twins. the bases loaded for rios in the first... and he hits the second grand slam of his career to give the sox an early lead. still up later in the sixth... and rios does it again with a 2- run shot. he drove in all 6 of the sox' runs... a career- high for him. jake peavy only allowed one run for his first win since august first. six-two the final... but the tigers win, the sox still lead by a game. they're off today. cubs trying to avoid three straight losses in washington. chris volstad already gave up a home run in the second inning, when he gives up a solo shot to bryce harper. two batters later... adam la- roche adds on with a 2-run homer... the cubs gave up six home runs for the second game
12:40 pm
in a row. the nationals are only the third team to do so since 1918. dale sveum was ejected in the fifth, as the cubs lose 9-1. they try to avoid a four- game sweep tonight. the bears returned to practice at halas hall, making final preps for week one against the colts. brian urlacher continues to practice with the team and says he is getting up to speed for sunday. i know the defense well but i have to work on some things i will get it down and with rest i'll get better and not as out of shape as i thought i would be ... that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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the afternoon lottery drawing numbers: here are the winning pick three numbers: 4 8 2 here are the winning pick four numbers: 5 9 0 7
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in medical watch.. west nile cases are soaring across the country. west nile virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. the centers for disease control and prevention says 400 new cases were reported this week.. a 25 percent jump from the previous week. it brings this year's total to nearly two thousand. the cdc says 87 people have died from west nile so far this year. in illinois, we've had 67 west nile cases.. twice as many as last year.. and two deaths. the illinois department of public health warns that more cases are likely through september.. and even into october. the latest study involving ginkgo biloba finds the popular dietary supplement did *not* prevent alzheimer's disease in older adults. french researchers followed more than 2800 people older than 70 for up to five years. about half received a daily dose of ginkgo biloba.. the others took placebo pills. there was no significant difference between the two groups in the number of patients who developed alzheimer's disease. previous research in animals suggested gingko might ward off alzheimer's.. but previous
12:46 pm
studies in humans haven't found any evidence that it does. a new study suggests pro football players are three times more likely to have neurodegenerative diseases than the general population. the risk is four times higher for alzheimer's disease and als.. also known as lou gehrig's disease. researchers looked at autopsies of 334 retired nfl players. seven died from als, and another seven from alzheimer's. the average age of the players who died was 57. the researchers say the numbers may seem small, but they're statistically significant because these are generally rare diseases.. especially at a younger age. the nfl is donating 30 million dollars to medical research; the largest in the league's history. the funding will go towards research on concussion management and treatment... and to learning the relationship between traumatic brain injury and late in life neuro- degenerative disorders like alzheimer's disease. right now, more than 3400 ex- players and family members are suing the nfl claiming the
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in today's lunchbreak: dietary options for people living with food allergies and intolerances. chris chodos is a certified health counselor. thanks for coming in. the information you are offering is so important to people who suffer from allergies and others feel better if they eat some of these foods ...
12:50 pm
>>absolutely so many have insensitivity or intolerance to certain ingredients ... we have a pizza recipe ... this is both the dairy freak and its gluten-freeree and gluten free... brush the crust with olive oil the crust contains brown rice.
12:51 pm
my children have extensive food allergies ... i make a cash tuna cheese pepperoni pizza and i make a soy cheese pizza i also came up with a pesto pizza... can you buy these ready-made ... these are the options we have for a crust ... there are some that are ready-made but i have always had to make my own because of the extensive range of allergies ... this is a basil pesto but you
12:52 pm
can get creative with other ingredients like arugula or pep per.... this is a sun dried tomato... i and the tomato sauce and some grilled vegetables this will go into the oven for 15
12:53 pm
minutes these vegetables are used for a gluten free quinoa salad. it's a seed from the andes refgion of south america.. when it opens in cooking you know it's ready.. you can do very versatility dishes with the screengrain it takes
12:54 pm
on great flavors white sugar and white flour i call the white menace. we have coconut palm nectar that's very local racemic and good for diabetics cacao is added that's dairy free and you
12:55 pm
can add coconut oil.... this is a nice alternative to candy. chris chodos, thanks so much for joining us. you can learn more at her website: the chodos group .com for a recipe or to watch the segment again, log on to: [ female announcer ] this is laura. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. introducing
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one-a-day vitacraves for women! finally, a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed... for women with more calcium and vitamin d. it's gummies for grown-ups. new one-a-day vitacraves for women.s.
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m uuele time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: which mountain range forms a natural boundary between europe and asia? a. andes b. himalaya c. ural the answer: c. ural
12:58 pm
it is 82 degrees right now with bright sunshine. what's up to the north and and the west will be whether maker for our weekend and the big story here is the mold and pollen count is 60,000 spores per cubic meter on the mold ... the measurements were even higher yesterday the highest in 15 years ... looking at the 7 day forecast with clouds and rain expected tomorrow with some thunder temperatures through the weekend will drop into the '70s but as we go into next week we should be about 80 degrees and temperatures climb from there we ought to have a dry stretch when
12:59 pm
we get through the rain tomorrow the rest of the week should be just fine ... a big change in temperatures this weekend ... thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00.


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